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The Difference Is Clear

Hand Crafted • Superior Clarity • Slow Melting

What Is Clear Ice?

The craft cocktail artist knows that perfection lies in the details.

The stunning presentation of clear ice is just the tip of the iceberg (so to speak). Crystal clear handcut ice is pure and clean and won’t over dilute. The large scale of a cut cube provides just the right chill while making a bold statement about your commitment to your craft.

Ice Cubes
The Stars of the Show

Our Artisanal Ice


2 inch cube used for your "rocks" cocktails and pours. Slow melting to reduce dilution and keep the integrity of the drink. Great for stamping but just as sexy naked.

Long Rock

Perfect for Collins cocktails. Makes a great impression in a tall glass.


"Magically" created in front of your guests at the bar.
A show for your patrons and a chance
to give them an experience!

“It really makes an impression - And the custom ice stamping is just a great final touch!”

― Dave L., Mixologist

Stamped Ice
Our Services

At Your Service

No hassles, no worries. We take care of it all from the moment you call.

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A home of its own

We provide the perfect storage for your craft ice supply. Just the right environment and always stocked.

Proactive Service

Proactive Service means that we make sure that you always have adequate supply on hand for your patrons.

Personal Touch

Custom Ice Stamping is a luxury for you and your patrons. Finishing each drink by custom stamping the ice is an experience they will remember.

Private Stock

Imagine serving Michigan Clear Ice at your private or catered cocktail party. We have small batch craft ice available. Call for details.

It's more than just "Fancy Ice" - It chills beautifully, without diluting your drink.

ice cube
Unique and Beautiful

We're more than just a pretty face. Our artisanal handcut ice is slow melting to reduce dilution, maintaining the integrity of the drink. Great for stamping, but just as sexy naked.

The Place With The Ice

Your patrons return for a reason. The presentation, custom stamping and chill of our crystal clear ice is the perfect compliment to your craftiest cocktails.

Unmatched Service

You just make the call and we take care of stock, delivery and storage. We make sure you have what you need before you need it. Guaranteed.

What our customers say


“ We have customers taking photos of their drinks and posting them to social media before taking a sip! ”
“ After seeing the difference it makes in our drinks and how customers respond, we won't go back to plain ice cubes. ”
“ The service is awesome. We don't worry about running out - They always keep us well-stocked! ”

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The Difference Is CLEAR